All About Stretta Therapy

Dr. Gagner is the first physician in Canada to be certified to use the Stretta, a new non-invasive therapeutic technique that helps patients with chronic GERD symptoms.

How does it work?

Stretta therapy uses radio-frequency (RF) energy delivering it to the area of the muscle between the stomach and the esophagus by gastroscopy, an outpatient examination of the stomach with a flexible tube. This helps to remodel and improve the muscle tissue, which creates a better barrier function resulting in fewer reflux activities. This therapy goes straight to the source of the problem to treat underlying issues that cause GERD.

Who is it for?

Stretta therapy particularly works for patients whose symptoms are not responding well to medication or where long-term medication is not a viable option. Roughly 30% of people with chronic GERD symptoms do not respond well to medication or in many cases, people find surgery an aggressive option. Stretta is for people who would like an alternative choice to these options. It is also used to treat reflux and heartburn, which are common especially after weight loss surgeries such as the Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass.

What are its key benefits?

It’s unique both because it’s an alternative to surgeries and implants (its non-surgical), it can be administered within 20 minutes as an outpatient and it also has a remarkably quick recovery time. Patients can normally return to normal activities within a day after having the procedure.

Studies also show that Stretta resolves reflux symptoms and therefore improves the patient’s quality of life on a long-term basis. There is no need for medication, it reduces acid exposure, and it’s effective from 4-10 years. It may also decrease the incidence of esophageal cancer.

Is it safe?

Yes, many health practitioners use RF energy commonly. For instance, cardiologists use RF to address dangerous heart rhythms. Urologists use RF for treating prostate enlargement and ear, nose and throat specialists use RF to treat excessive snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea. Finally, RF is regularly used in cosmetic surgeries from body contouring to skin rejuvenation.

Studies have also shown in more than 40 clinical studies that Stretta therapy is both a safe and effective method of combatting the symptoms of chronic GERD.

If you or somebody you know suffers from chronic GERD symptoms and would like to try a safe, easy-to-administer, non-surgical therapy option, get in contact with us to set up a consultation today!

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