Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates

Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates









Traditionally associated with an affluent lifestyle, obesity is becoming more and more commonplace in countries that are associated with wealth. For example, oil-rich OPEC countries such as Kuwait and Qatar are now listed as No. 4 and 5 respectively. The vast majority of the obese in these countries are women, with 50 percent of Kuwaiti women affected. Culture may have a role to play in these countries where women are often encouraged to stay at home and take care of the family, but their health is often adversely affected in the process.

Other countries such as Tonga, Samoa, and Kiribati dominate the first three positions on the list of obesity. This can be attributed to an obesity-gene that is now obsolete in today’s globalized world and other cultural factors such associating large body sizes with wealth and power. Pacific islanders have more access to food than was ever possible in their past, but most of that food comes processed instead of fresh. In the past, trans-pacific travel was often a dangerous trek; it was possible for one boat not see land for hundreds, even thousands of miles. Higher propensity to store fat saved travelers from starvation. While modern transportation has mostly solved this problem, obesity has skyrocketed.

So what we have here are two distinct trends in relation to countries who dominate the top of the obesity list: affluence and fat-storing genes in a modern setting. While the solution to these problems remain unclear, the World Health Organisation would have us believe that this issue is mainly a “political one”. Concerted effort and further research is needed to combat the rise of obesity. Below is a list of the top ten obese countries as of 2014:

1. Tonga

2. Samoa

3. Kiribati

4. Kuwait

5. Qatar

6. Marshall Islands

7. Egypt

8. Micronesia

9. Libya

10. Jordan

Written by Guillaume Lapointe-Gagner

Source: Kuwait Times

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IFSO Endorses a Global Registry Pilot Project


With the end of the IFSO 2014 Congress in Montreal, Dr. Gagner has been hard at work helping to realize a new registry that would aggregate bariatric surgery data from all around the world to form a single global registry. “This pilot project is the first step for IFSO in establishing a scientific foundation for our members and demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of bariatric and metabolic surgery on a global scale,” said Professor Michel Gagner, IFSO Council Member and IFSO 2014 Congress President. “This project is extremely exciting because it will allow us to see the mechanics of what is happening within bariatric and metabolic surgery on a global scale.”

It will be exciting to see what kinds of future trends this registry will reveal. Stay tuned for more updates!

Read more about it here.


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Conversions from Lap Band to Sleeve

Dr. Gagner recently published a very important paper in the journal Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases titled “Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy as a revisional procedure for failed gastric banding: lessons from 300 consecutive cases” that compared weight loss rate and complication rate of normal sleeve gastrectomy patients to those converting from the adjustable gastric band to the sleeve gastrectomy. Interestingly, the conversion resulted in less postoperative complications than the sleeve at 2% vs 4.5%. This means that the rate of leakages in the conversion was actually less than in the normal sleeve procedure. In addition the conversion resulted in comparative weight loss with results averaging at 63% of excess weight loss in the conversion vs. 76% of excess weight loss in the normal sleeve gastrectomy.

There are all good indications that a conversion to sleeve gastrectomy after a failed gastric banding is a good option, with low complication rates and relatively good excess weight loss results. No wonder that this revision is the most popular one at our clinic!

You can find the epub version of the article here.


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IFSO 2014 in Montreal, QC

What an amazing congress! Dr. Gagner’s leadership in the latest IFSO Congress proved inspiring with a jam-packed schedule of presentations, discussions, surgeries, courses, and even the occasional circus act! Read more about the success of IFSO 2014 as reported by ASMBS here.


A view of the majestic Palais des Congrès where the congress was held.

Dr. Gagner moderating at the congress.

The congress broke the record for most telecasted live surgeries during a congress

with over 50 live surgeries streamed from around the world!

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Best Rated Bariatric Surgeon in Quebec by RateMD

Looks like Dr. Gagner’s made it to the top of the charts again! He’s been reviewed as the best Weight Loss Specialist in Montreal, QC on!

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Dr. Gagner in China

Dr. Gagner has been spending more time in China these days as China begins to recognize obesity as one of the major health issues of the country. With a population of over 120 million obese people, China has been calling on Dr. Gagner’s expertise more and more to help Chinese hospitals develop their bariatric surgery programs. The picture above is from a Metabolic surgery conference Dr. Gagner attended in Beijing to discuss the increasing rate of diabetes and how metabolic surgery can help!


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Rosie O’Donnell gets a Sleeve Gastrectomy

Comedian and former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell revealed at the annual Go Red for Women lunch in Detroit  that she elected to have a sleeve gastrectomy in July 2013 after a heart attack in 2012. She lost 40 lbs, dropping from 230 to 190 lbs.


You can read more about it here.

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Medal from the city of Bordeaux

Clinique Michel Gagner M.D. is proud to announce that our namesake, Dr. Michel Gagner, has received a very prestigious award. The mayor of Bordeaux, M. Alain Juppé handed the medal of the City of Bordeaux himself to Dr. Gagner.

Congratulations Dr. Gagner!

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The ASMBS 30th Anniversary

ASMBS congratulates Dr. Gagner for having “Developed many laparoscopic innovations and for discovering the sleeve gastrectomy.”

Congratulations to Dr. Gagner for being named in ASMBS’ TOP 30 That Made a Difference!

You can check out Dr. Gagner’s mention and the other 29 leaders on ASMBS’ website.

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Risky Surgeries in Mexico


Many of our patients comment on the relief of having found a viable option for private weight-loss surgery in Canada! Some Canadians still opt to have their surgery done in Mexico, where surgeries can be done at discount prices. But beware! There is a very good reason why surgeries are much less expensive in Mexico: an increased risk of complications which Mexican surgeons are not equipped or experienced enough to handle. CTV recently covered the risks involved and the costs to our health system of bariatric surgery in Mexico, find out more here.

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