How much weight will I lose? Degree of weight loss largely depends on the type of surgery performed. The following is a range of expected Extra-Weight Loss (EWL) depending on the surgery:

Surgery % EWL
Gastric Plication 60-70
Sleeve Gastrectomy 70-85
Gastric Bypass 70-85
Duodenal Switch 80-100

Patient results may differ. If patient weight loss targets are not met, revisions may be required.

How long is the convalescence period? When will I be able to return to work? Under normal conditions, patients are able to leave their recovery rooms and return home 48 hours after the surgery.

The time required before returning to work depends on the type of work. For desk work, return times are 1-2 weeks post-op. For physical work, return times are 2-6 weeks post-op.

How much pain will I feel after the surgery? How long will I be feeling pain? Patients are given intra-venous narcotics 24-48 hours post-op. If the pain continues, patients are prescribed oral analgesics for up to 1 week post-op.