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Pre-op Requirements

The two main pre-op requirements are

  1. All patients are required to have pre-op tests performed to ensure patients are good candidates for general anesthesia

  2. The patient makes preparations for all post-op necessities, including a special diet that will need to be followed.

Any specific, individual pre-op requirements will be discussed directly with Dr.Gagner.

Tests requested

All blood tests are to be done within one month of the surgery. Prescriptions will be provided for all the tests we require of you.

  1. Blood test:

    1. CBC

    2. SMA – 20 (Biochemical profile)

    3. PT, PTT (INR, coagulation tests)

  2. ECG

  3. CxR

  4. Gastroscopy + H. Pylori Test

  5. Colonoscopy if patient is older than 50 years old

  6. Cardiac evaluation at the request of Dr. Gagner

Pre-op Shopping List

Vitamins / Minerals / Supplements