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Service Fees

Consultation Fees and General Surgery

Fees apply to all consultations, including those performed in the office, and over the phone. These fees also apply to all the follow-up consultations after the included post-op period.

New Patient $300 - 400 CAD
Returning Patient $150 - 180 CAD

General Surgery procedures

Minor Surgery

Nevi Excision $500 CAD
Cystectomy - Cyst Removal $500 CAD
Lipoma Excision - Lipoma Removal $500 CAD
Acrochordon Excision $500 CAD
Wart Excision $500 CAD
Wound Debridement Surgery $500 CAD
Incision and Drainage/Clinical Lancing $500 CAD
Ventral - Hernia Repair $6,000 CAD
Inguinal Hernia Repair $6,000 CAD
Umbilical Hernia $6,000 CAD
Cholecystectomy $6,500 CAD
Male vasectomy $1,500 CAD

Major Surgery

Diagnostic Surgery $5,500 CAD
Hernia Repair $6,000 CAD
Cholecystectomy $6,500 CAD
Nissen Fundoplication $10,000 CAD
Pilonidal Cystectomy $1,500 CAD
Hemorrhoidectomy $3,500 CAD
Sphincterotomy $2,500 CAD
Fistulotomy $3,000 CAD

Weight Loss Procedure Fees

All fees are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on patient necessities, surgical complexity, and other case particularities.

The following is a list of minimum operating fees charged on primary surgeries (patients who do not have a surgical history that complicates the procedures):

Weight loss procedures

Gastric Balloon $7,500 CAD
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy $15,500 CAD
Mini Gastric Bypass $16,000 CAD
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass $18,000 CAD
Single-Anastomosis Duodenal Switch $19,000 CAD
Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch $21,000 CAD
Revisions and conversions begin at $16,000 CAD


Gastroscopy $700 CAD
Colonoscopy $1,400 CAD

Patients are asked to pay our fee one month in advance.

For Bariatric surgery, the fee covers the entire surgical procedure, as well as post-op visits up to 1-year post-op. For general surgery, the fee covers the procedure, as well as a post-op visit after 1 month.

The surgical procedure includes the following

  • Anesthesia fee

  • Surgical fee

  • Operative room nursing

  • Drugs and surgical supplies

  • Recovery room nursing

  • Immediate convalescence (up to 48 hours)

  • Nutritional services up to 3 months post-op

The following are not included in the fee

  • Travel expenses to Montreal, QC and the clinic

  • All pre-op tests

  • Any additional convalescence (after 48 hours)

  • Post-op care after 1 year.

Cancellation Policy

Clinique Michel Gagner will fully refund the operative fee if the cancellation occurs more than two weeks prior to the operative date. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the operative date, a cancellation fee of $2,500 will be withheld, and the rest of the operative fee will be refunded.