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Post-op Requirements

Dietary Guidelines

All patients will receive dietary guidelines that pertain specifically to the type of surgery performed. It is important to follow these special diets during the first 4-12 weeks. All of the bariatric procedures have radical effects on the digestive tract, which can lead to nutrient, mineral, vitamin, and protein deficiencies. The ingestion of some food items can lead to uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, situations as the body begins to adjust to its new state. Special diets help patients to reduce and control the occurrence of these situations, as well as learn about individual tolerances and intolerances.

Lab Tests

All patients are asked to obtain post-op lab tests at 3, 6, and 12 month periods, and then annually, to ensure proper nutrient, mineral, vitamin, hormonal, and protein levels.

Reasons for Concern

If you experience any of these, or any other abnormal discomforts, please contact us or your family doctor. It is important to address these concerns as soon as possible in order to reduce potential damage.