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General Surgery Guidelines


  1. Fill out and send us a copy of the Patient Questionnaire.

  2. Provide us with all the required tests. All tests are to be done within one month of the surgery. Prescriptions will be provided for all the tests we require of you.

  3. If you regularly take aspirin, you must stop 2 weeks prior to the surgery date.

  4. Stop taking any vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements 7 days prior to the surgery date.


  1. You must fast from 10pm the day before the surgery. A liquid diet must be followed during the day before the surgery.

  2. You must bring all of your prescription medications as well as inhalers. Also bring your CPAP and mask if you require it.

  3. It is advised not to take any prescription medication the morning of the surgery; the anesthesiologist will let you know what you are allowed to take.

  4. Wifi is available. You may bring a tablet, and books to pass the time.

  5. You may use your cell phone once the surgeries are completed – Since the surgeries end at a different time each day, please ask the nurse in charge of the recovery room before using your cell phone.

  6. Bring a comfortable pair of slippers.


  1. The convalescence period is 2-4 weeks.

  2. For bariatric surgeries, showering is allowed 48 hours post-surgery.

  3. After surgery, you are allowed to walk. Swimming, bathing, and spa are allowed after 3-4 weeks to ensure that the wounds are healed and to avoid the risk of infection.

  4. One month after your surgery, we will send you instructions on follow-up procedures.