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Bariatric Surgery in Edmonton

For many people, obesity is a challenging chronic health care issue that is extremely difficult to overcome. And there is no shortage of diet and exercise programs promising lasting weight loss.

But for someone with a chronic medical condition like severe obesity, a more comprehensive treatment plan is required. After trying, and failing, to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, people often get discouraged and lose sight of their health goals.

If losing weight has been a long-term medical challenge for you, going to a specialty clinic for weight-loss surgery could be the best decision you ever make for your health and well being.

With various treatment options at their disposal, like a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, as well as comprehensive follow-up care, the medical team at Clinique Michel Gagner can help you change your life through transformational weight loss.

Obesity in Alberta

Obesity is a growing problem throughout Canada, and Edmonton is no exception.

Since the 1980s, the number of people affected by major weight issues has increased dramatically, with current estimates suggesting that roughly 2 million Canadian suffer from severe obesity. In Alberta, more than a quarter of adults (28.8%) are considered obese.

These people are at elevated risks for many health problems, and their chances of developing medical problems like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, will only increase over time.

For people all across Canada, keeping their weight down is important to improve their health outcomes. But for people with severe obesity, drastic weight loss is absolutely essential.

Anyone who has tried unsuccessfully to bring their weight under control through diet and exercise alone should strongly consider finding an experienced doctor who specializes in gastric procedures. Weight-loss surgery will let you take control of your weight and your health!

Bariatric Surgery

The drastic and lasting weight loss brought about by bariatric surgery is truly life changing. Under the direction of an experienced doctor, a bariatric treatment program is the ideal tool to accelerate your weight loss journey and improve your health.

Keep in mind: Bariatric surgery is recommended only for people who suffer from relatively severe chronic obesity, a condition that is difficult, if not impossible, to treat with diet and exercise alone. In general, people with a body mass index greater than 35, which means about 100 pounds over “normal weight,” are those who stand to benefit the most from weight loss surgery.

There are a variety of bariatric surgery options that help obese people lose weight and keep it off. For example, a gastric balloon reduces the free space in the patient's stomach, so they feel full after consuming less food, while a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy reduces stomach volume by permanently removing a portion of the stomach pouch. There are many kinds of bariatric surgery procedures available to you, after a consultation your doctor will be able to identify your best options.

Dr. Michel Gagner

Dr. Michel Gagner is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of bariatric surgery in Canada. He is credited with developing some of the field's most effective procedures, and generally hailed as one of the world's leading bariatric surgery practitioners. Patients from all over the world seek out his services because they are minimally invasive to promote faster healing, reduce overall stress on the body and shorten recovery time.

By drawing his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Gagner will develop a bariatric surgery program ideally suited to your needs and goals, no matter your current body mass index. Following your initial consultation, Dr. Gagner will identify your best bariatric surgery option and chart the course that is best for you and your health.

Should I travel to Montreal?

Patients travel from all across Canada and the United States to Dr. Gagner's specialty clinic in Montreal for bariatric procedures. The abundance of flights from Edmonton to Montreal make taking this life-changing trip a lot easier than you might expect!

For patients who travel to our Montreal clinic from elsewhere in Canada, we recommend that they be accompanied by a family member or caretaker, as they will need some assistance immediately following their bariatric procedure.

Traveling patients usually spend a total of five nights in Montreal, two of which are already included in the operative fee. This time frame can vary depending on the program involved and the other related services the patient can opt for.

You can take control of your future! Starting with a bariatric procedure, we will guide you down the path to long-term health and happiness with the proper follow-up care to better manage your weight.

The trip across provincial lines from Edmonton to Montreal is your first step on a life-changing weight-loss journey. Don't delay!

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Frequently asked questions

Your recovery from surgery will take place in the surgery center's recovery room for the first night, and then in our Westmount Square convalescent center for the following night.

When will I be able to return to work? Under normal conditions, patients are able to leave their recovery rooms and return home 48 hours after the surgery.

The time required before returning to work depends on the type of work. For desk work, return times are 1-2 weeks post-op. For physical work, return times are 2-6 weeks post-op.