Dr. Gagner Helps SurgiBot Clear GLP Studies

In recent Bariatric and surgical news, TransEntrix, Inc., a medical device company that is heavily involved in the development of robotics and flexible instruments for the use of minimally invasive surgery, announced on April 16th the successful completion of one of the key steps prior to 510(k) submission for their new SurgiBot system, a patient-side robotic surgery system.

The completion of the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Studies, means that FDA filing could be ready as soon as mid-2015.

Upon further investigation, the SurgiBot system would utilize flexible instruments through articulating channels controlled directly by the surgeon, with robotic assistance, at the patient’s bedside, effectively making the surgeons’ job easier. The flexible nature of the system allows for multiple instruments to be introduced and deployed through a single incision.

Dr. Michel Gagner of Montreal, Canada and President of the 2014 World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity & Metabolic Disorders was one of the lead investigators for the GLP Studies using the SurgiBot system.

The GLP studies also included multiple procedures performed by surgeons from varying specialties to demonstrate the SurgiBot’s abilities to handle critical tasks commonly performed during the rigors of laparascopic surgery.

“The SurgiBot system proved to be capable of effectively performing surgery in this completed study”, said Dr. Gagner. “The system provided articulating vision and multiple instruments through a single incision. The user experience keeps the surgeon in the sterile field with familiar laparascopic movement. I prefer to be at the patient’s side during surgery, and appreciate maintaining the approach and movement of gold standard laparscopic surgery while adding the features of robotic assistance.”

Source: Business Wire 


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