Dr. Gagner to Debate at IBC World Congress at Oxford University

Between March 26th and 27th, Dr. Michel Gagner will take part in a debate with Dr. David Kerrigan over the motion that “staple line reinforcement with buttressing should be the standard of care in sleeve gastrectomy.” The debate is to take place at the first International Bariatric Club (IBC) World Congress at Oxford University, England. The theme of the congress is “Managing Obesity & Diabetes: From the Laboratory to Clinic to Operating Room to the World” (click here for more info or to register).

The International Bariatric Club
The IBC represents a group of bariatric surgeons from all over the world who discuss recent issues and industry news, provide support, share videos of surgeries, participate in live discussions, and host webinars. It is a closed member-only group and a global network for surgeons in this field. Dr. Michel Gagner is an IBC board member.

The IBC was established by three professors of surgery in Ohio: Dr. Tomasz Rogula, Dr. Raul Rosenthal, and Dr. Philip R. Schauer and began as a series of seminar broadcasts based in Cleveland. Of note, all three surgeons have received training in various degrees by Dr. Gagner. In 2010, the IBC opened a Facebook webpage and has since expanded its membership by promoting a sense of community where the world’s bariatric professionals can freely discuss issues related to their field.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

The topic of debate, that is, what should be considered the standard care in sleeve gastrectomy, will be interesting for Dr. Gagner to discuss, as he pioneered the procedure in 2000 and has been performing it ever since. Sleeve gastrectomy procedures have been a popular weight-loss surgery option for high-risk patients and as an alternative to gastric banding.

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