Study Shows American Men Outweigh the Competition

In a recent study conducted using information from organizations like the CDC, an artist has digitally created models of the average body measurements of men from nations around the world. The results were not very surprising, but certainly eye-opening. What he found was that American men are on average more overweight than other nations. Although this was something that most of us had known in the back of our minds, it is interesting to see it plainly laid out. With obesity being such an issue, it is good to see things based on pure statistics that can be shown to educate people on the subject.

The findings

The study concluded that American men are on average shorter than their European counterparts from The Netherlands, but taller than subjects from Japan or France. What the study also concluded was that they are heavier, and rank higher in the BMI department, which seems to back up the growing trend of obesity in the country. While the other nations had BMIs of 25.55 and under, the average American male exhibited a BMI of 29. Being the roundest of bunch shows that the nation is struggling to curtail the obesity trend, but thankfully has seen success in recent years.

Why the study?

The artist, Nickolay Lamm, first wanted to show people the obesity problem in the country in plain data, and he also wanted to make people aware of unattainable body image problems. We so often show images of perfection that in no way reflect reality that he wanted to shed light on this both for men and women. Even though people are aware of this, they don’t always fully understand the implications.

If this study shows us anything it is that obesity in this country is more of problem than we would like to admit. Sometimes you only need a simple procedure to correct the problem. For those people looking for simple procedures to help get their weight under control, we offer many minimally-invasive weight loss surgeries that can help. Bariatric surgery can help obese people lose weight by reducing the volume of the stomach, are thereby reducing appetite. Visit Clinique Michel Gagner on the web, and find out how you can get started.

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